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Bonnet Unlimited Potential

Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential!

Using our proven methods, you can improve your life! 


Improve Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Improve Your Outlook

Deal with Problems Effectively

Enjoy Life

Free from Negative Emotions & Physical Issues

Improve Relationships

Erase fears and enjoy your loved ones more 


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Welcome to Bonnet Unlimited Potential™!

Our motto is "B" UP™!!!

Hello!  I’m Mary Bonnet, Certified Energy Coach and Hypnotist, and Emotional Freedom Techniques™ (EFT™) expert.  You are about to discover how applying a simple tapping exercise can help you improve your emotional and physical health. 

Seriously!  The same type of light tapping you use on your mouse or keyboard can actually help you heal your body’s energy system!  It really is that simple and easy.  Even school children can be taught this technique!  As a matter of fact…Right now, as you click through this website…YOU could be tapping your way to EMOTIONAL FREEDOM!

Skeptical?  So was I, until I personally experienced the profound healing impact that Emotional Freedom Techniques™ (EFT™) made in my life.  (For more details about my personal experience, Click Here or go to the Bio tab.)

I am looking forward to sharing very powerful and advanced techniques for holistic wellness and personal growth with you.

I offer you ways to:

Resolve Issues
Change Habits:   Smoking, Excessive Eating, Nail Biting, Exercise
Reduce Fears:   Success, Failure, Heights, Public Speaking, Test Taking
Manage:   Cravings, Stress, Anger, Chronic Illness Symptoms, Allergies, Pain
Improve Outlook
Change:   Self-Sabotaging Self-Talk
Improve:   Motivation, Self-Esteem, Confidence, Concentration, Learning, Goal-Setting, Follow-Through, Moods, Relationships, Attitudes

Click on the category that best describes what area you would like to improve.

Emotional/Physical Stress or Pain
Personal / Professional Improvement

If You Want to Improve Your Life, Come See Me For Results

I am confident in your ability to learn and use these amazing techniques to achieve tremendous results and greatly improve the quality of your life. I've seen these improvements at the hands of other experienced practitioners. More importantly, I have achieved impressive results with my clients and myself.

To learn more about ways that EFT™, hypnosis and other types of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine have helped clients regain their physical and emotioanl well being,  Click Here, or on the Testimonials tab.

These Techniques Work - Even If You Are Skeptical

I’d love to help you reach your own personal Unlimited Potential. You really can do it and it can happen very quickly. 

Still skeptical?  You don’t have to believe in EFT™ for it to be effective.  Simply perform the simple exercises and focus your thoughts while tapping.  Many people experience remarkable results in the very first session!

You don’t have to live in the Northern Virginia area for us to work together.  EFT™ and other techniques I use are so effective that we can do your sessions over the phone!

Individual sessions (in person or by phone)
Group sessions
Public workshops
Corporate workshops and sessions

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